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Business Entrepreneurial Stewardship Training

Centro Unit 7: Business Finance

An overview of Centro Mobile Business App Section 7 Business Finance. We'll focus on the importance in understanding Budgeting, Financial Statements and also identifying where to find Financial Resources to support your business continuance, business generation and  growth.

Please refer to the Entrepreneur WorkBook Page 53 for corresponding Exercises.

Centro Unit 8: Business Plan Development

We'll review the Business Plan you have created using the Centro Business Planning App. We'll have an opportunity to discuss any recommendations for improving your Business Plan during our One2One Meeting. Please refer to Page 63 in the Centro Basic Entrepreneurship Workbook.

Centro Unit 7: Business Finance

Presentation review of Centro Mobile App Section 7 which corresponds to Exercises in  the Entrepreneur WorkBook Unit 7.


Malachi 3:10-12

Understanding a Key partnership for growth, protection and success.


Kiva Registration

Set-up your Kiva Account to begin to support other entrepreneurs or to launch a fund raising campaign for your business.

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Giving Your Business A Chance For Success

Kiva: How To Raise Peer-To-Peer Funding 

Assumptions: Key To Business Planning

SCORE Financial Projections Template

SCORE Financial Modeling Excel WorkBook for integrated Financial Statements.


Financial Resources Manual

A Guide To Capital Access And Financial Resource Information


America Saves

Make a commitment to save money, reduce debt and build wealth.

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How Much Should You Charge For Your Service?

How to price your services to attract business and make a profit.

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Business Fee Setting Guide

How to calculate your rate for services with consideration of all ordinary and necessary expenses for your business.

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Consulting Fees Calculator

Calculator provides a great starting point to help you figure out how much much to charge in order to make the amount of money you want each day, month, and year.

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Rent Reporters

Build your credit by reporting your rent.

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How To Get Funding From Friends And Family

If your loved ones believe in you, investors probably will, too.


Hands On Banking

If you have a small business or want to start one, explore this website to learn about starting, growing, and managing a business.

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Start-Up Funding In The U.S.

Review of the various funding resources for start-ups in the United States.

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Want To Get An Online Small Business Loan?

10 Questions To Ask Before Committing To An Online Small Business Loan.


Entrepreneur Advantage Small Business Lending Matrix

Overview of various Program Partners and Small Business Loan Programs in Los Angeles.


Financial Planning For Your Business

Getting Inside A Lender's Head: Financial Planning

Financial Projections For Your StartUp

Jewish Free Loan Association

JFLA provides a wide variety of Interest-Free Small Business or Emergency Loans.

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PACE HSBC Fusion Secured Business Credit Card Program

Mastercard Credit Card program provides business and credit counseling, with matched savings grants.

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Accion Opportunity Fund

We are committed to supporting small business owners who are often shut out from financing. We're helping their businesses thrive.

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LISC Los Angeles

LA LISC offers flexible financing products and technical assistance to help open and expand small, for-profit businesses in underserved neighborhoods throughout LA County.

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Black Cooperative Investment Fund

A $500,000 Fund could result in $1.2 million in assets being generated in Southern California's Black Community.

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Cathay Bank Smart Micro Loans

Cathay Bank offers several affordable working capital lines of credit to help small businesses prosper and grow. The three “Smart” loans have simplified underwriting and documentation requirements.

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Pacific Coast Regional Jump Start Loan Program 

Loan and financial literacy/technical assistance program targeted for small businesses in low-wealth communities.

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CDC Small Business Finance

From entrepreneurs to referral partners to current borrowers - we'll help you find what you need.

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BEST Mobile Accelerator Business Loan Calculator

Online Calculator for determining Loan Payments and Interest for Term of Loan.

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The Crowd Funding Bible

How To Raise Money For Any  Startup, Video Game, Or Project.


EquityNet CrowdFunding Tools

With EquityNet's free crowdfunding tools you can improve your business planning and fundraising efforts.

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Jeremiah 29:11

Know the thoughts and plans GOD has for you.

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Please complete this brief Enterpriser Workshop Evaluation regarding Topics covered in Centro Unit 7: Business Finance. Thanks very much! 

For continous improvement, please complete the Final Centro Immediate Post-Workshop Survey; which includes all Topics Covered during our ZOOM Conference Meetings.  Your participation is greatly appreciated; and your comments, feedback and suggestions are invaluable. Thanks very much!

After the BEST Mobile Accelerator Live ZOOM Conferences are completed, the Executive Engagement includes One2One Coaching, Consulting and Technical Assistance meetings and follow-up Business Plan implementation and Capital Formation Strategies.

Centro Unit 8 Business Plan Development

Presentation review of Centro Mobile App "Send Me My Business Plan" which corresponds to Exercises in the Entrepreneur WorkBook Unit 8.

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What Is A Business Plan?

Overview of the Elements of Business Plan and how the Business Plan is a vehicle for success.

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How To Write A Business Plan

Business News Daily Article and Guide To Creating  A Business Plan with a Template.

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